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Mirai Nikki

Or, as you all know it, Yandere Prototype 1.0.

Yep. This fucking show. Cause we all really needed an excuse to revisit our daddy issues and obsessive behaviors and murderous tendencies and ahahahahaha what do you mean you’re taking me to the police I haven’t done a single thing wrong HAHAHAHAHA asylum? but that’s for crazy people, not for pure, innocent souls like meeeEEEEE–

This show holds a special place in my heart as the first one I ever watched to completion and the first anime I ever found any sort of enjoyment in. It’s not the first anime I ever saw (I swear to God Bob made me watch so many fucking shitty ass animes that we only ever got through an episode or two of), but it is the first one where I was actually kind of engaged with the characters and plot.

Something about a massive massacre four episodes in just gets to me, y’know?

Honestly, I liked this show. A lot. I love the premise of power battle royale, especially ones that leave the characters floundering in grey morality. I mean, we got Yuno Gasai right here, who is the poster child for Needs A Lot of Therapy. Bitch is crazy. And I love that the entire show is based on the idea that this bitch is, in fact, absolutely shit bonkers out of her mind.

Mirai Nikki is, to me, one of those shows that don’t seem so bad on the surface. Battle royale to become a god and your main weapon is a future-seeing diary? Sounds edgy as fuck; let’s do it. But then you get psychological. Then you see the sheer abuse that’s poured onto these high school kids. You start seeing Yuno teetering on the edge of insanity. You have Four being raped all throughout her childhood, with her guardian being the facilitator of her abuse. See, the thing about Mirai Nikki is that it starts making you think about what effects your actions might have on people. Granted, they probably won’t be as extreme as ENDING THE WHOLE UNIVERSE, but it becomes increasingly clear that all these terrible things that the main characters are doing is an aftershock of what happened to them in their lives. This anime can very easily be written off as edgy and emo unless you take the time to dive a little deeper.

But the characters. Oh boy. There’s not that much left to be said about Yuno–she’s crazy, she’s stalkerish, she’s a homicidal maniac. Moving on. What’s much more interesting is how Yukiteru develops throughout the anime. He starts as a shy, kind of bland boy who takes more interest in observing than actually doing. Fifteen episodes later, he’s murdering people he called his friends ruthlessly and unapologetically. Refreshingly, he’s not a white knight. He makes terrible, horrible mistakes that are never really forgiven, and he learns the hard way that death can’t be turned back.

Impressively enough, every character in this huge cast is unique and memorable. I actually did not have that much trouble telling them apart or remembering why they were important. While they all suffer from a case of Tragic Backstory in some form or other, the anime is good at making you care about all of these tragic backstories–not least because almost everyone’s demise is treated with respect and gravity.
Also. LITERALLY EVERYONE IS CRAZY. Like none of them should be allowed to touch a fucking spoon, let alone run the whole goddamn universe. I’m not sure what Deus Ex Machina was thinking when he decided that these candidates were Good Ideas, but man, he fucked up some.

Favorite Character of the Series goes to Aru Akise, though.

This white-haired genius almost destroyed all the best laid plans with just perception. He doesn’t have magic powers; he’s just a badass normie. This kid is brilliant. He’s manipulative, cunning, and, well, gets his head taken off by Yuno eventually (and literally) because she is a Crazy Jealous Girl. And he’s a little gay, and who doesn’t need a little gay in their lives?
Seriously though, he is by far my favorite character in this show. I really enjoyed seeing him being able to pick apart motives and plans in seconds not by the use of a diary, but by his own intelligence. He’s also honest with both himself and others, and is the first to recognize Yuno for who she only is. I give Akise the title of Best Boy (which, in this cast of Everyone Is Fucking Ax Crazy, might not be saying too much…)

I like dark stuff. I like the supernatural, fantasy, horror, thriller sort of thing, so Mirai Nikki was actually right up my alley. That’s not to say it was without flaws, but it was something I actually watched all the episodes of and it held my interest while I did so. If you haven’t seen this show yet, it’s a good show if you like all of your cuties broken and all of your morals grey. Or if you like interesting character development, paradoxes and time travel, or fighting-to-the-death plot points. If you like a complicated plot with a complicated resolution, and a myriad of conflicting emotions for most of the characters, this is the show for you.

On the other hand, if you just want straight diabetes, Ore Monogatari!! is all yours.

This show gets a good 180 on the rating scale of enjoyment.



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