Free! and Related Things

So, we’re all aware that in 2013, Kyoto Animation made a fun little thing called Free!:Iwatobi Swim Club
make us free na splash kasenata–
and it veritably exploded with a giant-ass fandom of mostly teenage girls screaming about shirtless boys with heavy, unresolved drama mostly due the lack of ANY SORT OF COMMUNICATION. (*Note: at some point, I’ll do an actual full review on Free!…probably.)


Listen. Free! was the third anime I ever watched to completion (the first two were Mirai Nikki and Prince of Stride: Alternative) and the first one I ever watched to the end by myself (note 1). Thing is, I saw it in 2016, a good few years after the show had ended, so I never had the chance to ride the hype train that came with it.

See, I was a competitive swimmer in middle and high school. I mean, I wasn’t good, and I sure as hell never made the Nationals team, but I do know how swimming works. And, you know, I love swimming and water. Essentially–a normal, human-like version of Haru, minus all the talent and athleticism.

So I wanted to hype with this show. Swimming was legitimately the only sport I had ever enjoyed doing, and I felt like I could relate to these swim team struggles.


KyoAni says “Heya mothafuckas look what we got for you. A TRILOGY OF MOVIES. IN 2017. Aren’t you excited?”

And I said, “YES HELL YES my god do I get to jump on the hype train now ????”

Because listen. LISTEN. This was the first anime I ever saw that actually sort of aligned with my real life interests. ANd HNNNNGH there are new movies and shit and hnnnngh hype train inc. Cause dude. I want to see the Iwatobi team getting closer. I want to see the development of the Samezuka team. I want to see Ikuya and Asahi again. AND I WANT TO SEE POST-FREE HARU SO ALL MY DREAMS OF HARUMAKOTOKYO CAN BE CANONICALLY CONFIR–I mean what. I said nothing.

gay boys on ice in water is a wet dream, y’all.

and yes. pun intended.


*Note 1: I have a not-friend-only-best-buddies dude, whom we shall refer to Bob, who is a gigantic fuckin’ weeb. Much of my anime experience has come through him, since he more or less “pays” me to watch anime with him. By that, I mean he gifts me random video games and shit inside video games, even though I’d probably do it without that incentive just because we’re not-friends-only-best-buddies. Bob is a dick, Bob is loud, Bob likes samurai, and Bob is a lonely piece of shit who wants to make me suffer. Bob makes me watch a lot of anime.


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